13 April 2012

Polaroid - Yuna

I'm calculating what's left inside me
When everything I left were my life and my dreams 
And every time you were proud of what you were not 
This is the truth and it'll be a history 

I gave you everything, 
I gave up my life and they were all for you, 
You've ruined everything!
I gave you everything and I gave up my life 
And they were all for you! (And they were all for you) 

I wonder what went wrong, it became like this 
When I'm not pretty sure (No, I'm not pretty sure) 
After all the crossings we've been through,
It's not suppose to be like this. Why? 
And every time you're fucking proud of what you're not
I hate the truth but still it'll be a history 

I swear you will know this somehow 
Before it's too late and dies 
Realities are so complicated 
I wish to see the truth shines brightly in your eyes 

It's even for me, and even for you 
Just try to understand… 
You and me, yeah I remember, 
Look how we were meant to be.

this soul is empty 

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